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Brief History

Rwanda is a small country in east-central Africa, with a population of approximately 8 million people.  Back in 1994, now 12 years ago, around 1 million people were systematically killed during a horrific genocide that lasted for 100 days (from April 6th through to mid-July).

The genocide is historically significant not only because of the sheer number of people murdered in such a short period of time, but also because of how inadequately the United Nations (particularly its Western members) responded or were even complicit in the atrocities. Despite intelligence provided before it started, and international news media coverage reflecting the true scale of violence as the genocide unfolded, most first-world countries declined to intervene...


What is "Hope Rwanda"?

As you can appreciate, the genocide has left an indelible imprint of suffering and pain that is still unresolved today.
The psychological effects are ongoing, and though people are rebuilding their lives, it is a long and slow process...

"Hope Rwanda" is a international project that has been led by Australian churches and organisations.  It is an unprecedented show of global compassion, covering the same 100 days as the actual genocide.  The aim is to bring back some hope and give practical help to the people of Rwanda.

Fundraising CD

To raise money for this worthy cause, Christian Boxer (ZionWorx developer) along with his wife, Mhairi, and a number of other musician friends in the UK, have recorded and compiled a CD which is being sold to raise money for "Hope Rwanda".  100% of the proceeds will go directly to the charity and their aim is to raise £1000 for the cause.

Cd Front

The CD, called ”Songs For Rwanda”, contains 4 tracks:  2 original songs written especially for Hope Rwanda, and 2 other songs from an album released by the "Chorale Angelos de Kigali" - an excellent Rwandan gospel choir.

  1. One More Day (6:02)
  2. Should I (4.17)
  3. Yego Ndaje (4.00) (Bonus Track)
  4. Tuguhimbaze (5.21) (Bonus Track)


All the tracks have been recorded and produced to a professional standard, and are now exclusively available as MP3 downloads.

For a taste of the music, please listen to our 2-minute demo:

Songs for Rwanda – Demo MP3 (2.67 MB)

If you would like to support our fundraising efforts then please follow the link below to donate £3.00 and download all the tracks.

We will be updating the total raised so far on the ZionWorx home page, so please come back soon to see how we’re doing!



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