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Postby dgillham » Tue Mar 16, 2004 3:46 pm

I have yet to find a PC that won't run Linux well and support all the hardware * (Compaq are renouned for their use of propietry hardware). Support is constantly improving - Some distributions are better than others

There is in a very real sense an inherent requirement for mankind to continually reinvent the wheel - usually an improved version of a different size and shape to everybody elses. Unfortunately this means things never quite fit together and the waggon trundles along lumpily with one triangular wheel, one square wheel, and two round wheels rather than running smoothly as the maker intended

The point, of course, being that nothing fits together properly even in MS operating systems and certainly does not, in fact can not, in a poorly supported OS like Linux, regardless of how good the underlying code is. An example of this lack of compatability is the trade off with me using XP as opposed to W2K just to activate dual display. OK, I get dual display, but my network connections become essentially one way and buggy and it now takes an age to display network files. Of course, commercial implications and the very nature of capitalism dictate that this is so - we need to pay those who need to make a profit in this non Utopian world of ours

If I were to install Linux on the Sony VAIO I can assure you the video would not work correctly because there are no drivers available. But, more importantly, I would not be able to run any of my other essential programs on the laptop. Support may be constantly improving but the reality is that our computers need to work now, with software as well as hardware, and not at some time in the future

Having said that I can see why those who would use Linux would appreciate a Linux version of ZionWorx. Not sure I would have much need of it though :lol:
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The wheel spins both ways.

Postby Diceman » Wed Mar 17, 2004 4:21 pm

98se and Linux work with my scanner, XP does not - there is no driver support (The corporate model does not consider it financially viable to develope one). I have to reboot into either of the former to get it to work. 98se does not support my usb2 interfaces, so that leaves me with one choice -Linux.

Linux runs Adobe photoshop, Microsoft Office and will shortly be running Macromedia's web suite of flash etc through WINE.

I am probably in a unique position - but Linux is better supported for the work that I do and it IS free to download.

If someone could please port Zionworx (or at least look into getting it to support Xinerama through WINE) - I'd be most greatful.

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re C1VFK

Postby revdanb » Sun Dec 12, 2004 10:24 pm

I have a C1VE running XP sp2.

It runs zionworx OK but I have to mess about with the screen size as I lose the service order window in the native 1024x480 resolution.

anyone had experience/got any solutions/bright ideas with C1 or letterbox screen resolutions?

Any plans to allow for unusual screens in V3?

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Postby dgillham » Mon Dec 13, 2004 7:38 am

I suspect it's really a SONY issue as SONY are notoriously unsympathetic to their customers needs. That is, you get what you're given and no arguing with them (i.e. no point talking to their tech support or asking for new video drivers as it will be a non issue to them!!!)

Theoretically you should be able to have different screen resolutions for each monitor. In practice, it's a mess. Only use the C1VE if you HAVE to and can dedicate it to projector use
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Postby mikeyp » Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:36 pm

I looked into the question of linux on my laptop (Sony pcg-fx405). It went fine until I discovered that no one has developed a dual screen driver for the ati rage mobility M1

I researched the idea and came to the conclusion that that gpu is a waste of time on linux.

for those with linux and a laptop that can run dual screen, I might suggest lyricue. I haven't been able to try it myself for the above reason, but what I saw of reviews and screen shots was very good.
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Postby mikeyp » Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:46 pm

dgillham wrote:It is not permissable to install Windows XP without paying for it William. You would only have that choice if yout laptop came with both versions pre-installed and you were given the choice of OS at first use

In fact, because it would be replacing Windows 2000 Professional, there is no upgrade path to Windows XP Home either. You have to either buy the full XP Home or the upgrade to XP Pro, both working out roughly the same at around £200.00

not true...

the upgrade version is the full version with a hat on. If you try to install it clean, it merely asks you so give proof of a previous version of windows. This could be windows 3.1 floppies if you like. personally i use an old windows 95 cd (which you can't "upgrade" from but will clean install never the less).
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